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   Hank Gathers was an extraordinary  player. He was a young man who dared to dream in a place where dreams go to die. Hank's dream ended tragically, but his teammates carried on in his honor. Together they produced one of the greatest stories in NCAA tournament history. Hank has been gone 20 years- but the dream is alive.
-Jim Nantz, CBS Sports college basketball anchor

   Forget Rocky Balboa. This is the real Philadelphia story about a young man who used the game of basketball to help his family while setting an example for all. Hank's life was a model for student athletes. He eschewed drugs, honored his family and university and earned his degree.
Hank Gathers made every player around him better and he enriched the lives of all those he touched.

- Bill Raftery, ESPN and CBS college basketball analyst

    Keiderling has written an eloquent and stirring account of the life of a young man most remember for his passing. This masterfully crafted, thoroughly researched account of Hank Gathers short life is a long overdue tribute to an extraordinary individual. You may think you know the ending- but you don't. A great read.
- Dave Diles, Author of eight books and former ABC Sports broadcaster

   Read Heart of a Lion. Kyle Keiderling has left no stone unturned to tell the magical tale of Loyola Marymount's breathtaking rise through the ranks of men's college basketball in the late 1980's and the tragedy that awaited its superstar, Hank Gathers.
This is not just another basketball book. Be good to yourself, and buy it.

- Bob Kuska, Author of Cinderella Ball: A Look at Small College Basketball in West Virginia

   Kyle Keiderling's book is a great read.  He has profiled Hank Gathers as the real person he was: great sense of humor, dedicated to basketball and his family, and driven to succeed. Kyle doesn't make Hank bigger than he really was. Hank was that big a person in physicality and mentality. 
- Barry Zepel, former Sports Information Director, Loyola Marymount University